"The truest old school artisanal craftsmanship in jewelry to be found in NYC. All the pieces are simply miniature, wearable sculptures!

-Masha Orlov The Know Culture

Designed, crafted and produced in New York City by artists Zoya Levinshteyn, Yuri Kolesov and Alisa Minyukova, Fascination Anxiety aims to charm, humor and surprise by embracing the unexpected. Our goal is to bring you unique hand made artifacts at a fair price without compromising the craftsmanship normally found in fine jewelry.

In Russia we were exposed to a diversity of cultures – from the pagan shamans of the Altai mountains to the Tatar muslims of Kazan, from Russian fables to Ukrainian folk songs. The iconography of these cultures has become an endless source of artistic inspiration for our designs, as have the styles of the tribal sub-cultures of New York city. Arriving on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1982 inevitably set an eclectic tone for our brewing design sensibility. Now, three decades later, we have come together as artists to create a family business – an atelier that produces professionally crafted and locally made wearable art inspired not only by our own history but also by that of the ever-flowing integral story that is New York City. 

It is our commitment to have all of our mold making and casting done in New York City by environmentally conscious foundries. Not only because we want to ensure full quality results but also to support local businesses and build strong ties with our community. From the first sketch to the creation of the master model we remain dedicated to the art of drawing, carving and sculpting to create jewelry worthy of being passed down for generations.